Pressure Washing, Parking Lot Sweeping and Window Cleaning in Phoenix

At AZ Power Wash Pros we do much more than just pressure washing in Phoenix and the surrounding valley. We are exterior maintenance experts and also offer parking lot sweeping and window cleaning services in Phoenix.  We decided to offer these additional services because we saw the need and that these services worked hand in hand together.  If  your building or sidewalks in Phoenix needs pressure washing chances are afterwards your windows are going to be covered in water spots needing window cleaning services. Once these services are complete chances are that dirt and debris from pressure washing have left their mark in the parking lot needing parking lot sweeping services. Instead of calling 3 different companies in Phoenix, we are your one stop shop to handle all your exterior maintenance needs. Each one of our divisions specialized in the service offered, our pressure washers only pressure wash, window cleaners only provide window cleaning services and parking lot sweepers only sweep parking lots.  This ensures that you are getting a professional that is an expert in their field and will provide the best quality services.  We can also provide additional exterior services such as parking lot stripping, landscaping, painting and more through or trusted subcontractors that we work closely with. For all you exterior maintenance needs in Phoenix, contact the professionals at AZ Power Wash Pros.