AZ Power Wash Pros Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish strong relationships with our clients by simplifying their lives through providing cost-effective solutions for all their power washing needs. We take pride in treating our clients and their properties with respect, integrity, and delivering a superior clean with every service. Our objective is to provide the exceptional service that our clients deserve.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the leading provider of residential and commercial power washing services throughout the Greater Phoenix area. We aim to maintain and strengthen relationships with our valued clients by guaranteeing peace of mind and top-tier service. We strive for the success and satisfaction of our employees and continually evolve our company through technological advancements that benefit our clients, employees, and the stability and growth of our company. We will accomplish our goals and vision with unwavering focus and adherence to our core values.

Our Core Values

  • Deliver Exceptional Service
  • Punctuality is a Priority
  • Embrace the “Can-Do” Attitude
  • Uphold Honesty and Integrity
  • Complete Every Task
  • Practice Courtesy and Gratitude
  • Foster a Fun, Enthusiastic, and Open-Minded Environment
  • Show Passion and Determination
  • Maintain Humility and Ethical Conduct
  • Set and Pursue High Standards of Excellence
  • Promote Positive Teamwork
  • Achieve and Drive Results

We ensure that everyone who works with or for AZ Power Wash Pros aligns with our core values. We want our AZ Power Wash Pros family to embody, breathe, and believe in our mission, vision, and values.

A Note from Our Founder…

brandon carnicle owner of best power washing service in Phoenix.

I’m Brandon Carnicle, the proud founder of American Maintenance Professionals and our successful division, AZ Power Wash Pros. What began in 2005 as a side job with a borrowed homeowner-grade pressure washer has blossomed into a fleet of top-tier mobile hot water power trailers serving the Greater Phoenix area. From cleaning restaurant patios in my early 20s to servicing illustrious clients like Walmart, CVS, and even the Arizona Cardinals, our journey has been one of relentless passion and determination.

Along the way, we’ve stayed true to our core values – punctuality, can-do attitude, honesty, and excellence to name a few. Today, as we stand as a trusted name in residential and commercial power washing, we’re striving to keep improving and innovating. Our vision is clear: to be the leading power washing service in Phoenix, ensuring top-notch service for our valued clients and a fulfilling workplace for our dedicated employees. Here’s to a cleaner and brighter future, together!