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Driveway Cleaning Services in Phoenix

Does your driveway have oil, rust, and tire mark stains all over it? Just Call The Pros! AZ Power Wash Pros specializes in driveway cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ. We clean all size driveways in all areas of Phoenix. We can successfully remove oil stains from concrete using bio-degradable enzymes and degreasers. We remove rust stains from car batteries and remove all tire marks from vehicle parking. It is recommended that you clean your driveway on at least a semiannual basis in Phoenix to keep your driveway maintained all year long. Is your HOA fining you because of oil or rust in stains in your driveway? We get the HOA off your back by professionally steam cleaning your driveway to remove all stain, dirt, and debris. We clean hundreds of driveways a year in the Phoenix area. Call today for a free driveway cleaning quote!.

Driveway Cleaning in Phoenix – Driveway Cleaning Company in Phx AZ

Call AZ Power Wash Pros for residential driveway cleaning services in Phoenix, Arizona.


BIO REM Oil Treatment will significantly reduce the stain from the surface. However, some oil may have penetrated the pores of the concrete and a slight shadow stain may remain.

Concrete / Paver Driveway Cleaning Includes: Hot Water Power Wash 250 Degrees, Application of Biodegradable Degreaser and Power Wash up to 3500 psi, 250 Degrees

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  1. Sam Rayyan says:

    Have a 3 car driveway with oil stains that i would like to get cleaned

  2. Mark C Giese says:

    2 car oil spots on drive way..

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