You Washed the Car. What about the House?

We wash our cars because it keeps it looking nice and we know it protects the cars paint. Today people wash their car on a regular basis with the convenience of a drive thru car wash on every major street. 

Most people do not think about the importance of washing their home though.  For the same reasons you wash your car your house can benefit too.

Washing your house will brighten the paint making your home look fresh as well as protecting the paint and extending the length of time before you home needs to be repainted. 

The average cost to paint a home is $2,581 and the average frequency a home needs to be repainted is 7.5 years in Arizona. 

The average cost to wash a house is around $150 and can extend the life of your homes paint by many years saving you money in the long term

Washing your home 1-2 times a year will maintain a clean appearance by washing away dirt, bird dropping and insect webs and nests. 

Keep your home looking its best while extending the need to repaint.