Solar Panel Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Living in the beautiful Senoran Desert in Phoenix, Arizona there are two things we are used to dealing with; lots of sun shine and lots of dust. Here in Phoenix we average 296 days of sunshine, making Phoenix the perfect location for solar panels. There are many types of solar panels and many different uses for solar panels. From the residential solar panel, using solar energy to power their water heater, heating the pool during cooler months, and full power supply to the residence;  commercial solar panels to supply solar energy to the business; And  large scale solar panel fields to generate solar power for whole communities.  Solar panels are a great way to create green energy and reduce carbon foot print on nature. To keep solar panels operating at their optimum capacity, the solar panel must be clear of obstruction to receive as much sun power as possible. Plant debris, bird droppings and dust are just a few that  cause reduction in efficiency. Dirty solar panels can experience a loss of up to 45% of produced power in some case. Regular cleaning of your solar panels can maximize the over all efficiency and green energy output. AZ Power Wash Pros, solar panel cleaning service in Phoenix can maintain your solar panels no matter what size the job. From a residential roof top system to multi acre fields containing 10’s of thousands of solar panels.  AZ Power Wash Pros has experience and references cleaning some of the largest solar energy providers in Phoenix; Cleaning as many as 90,000 solar panels.  For professional solar panel cleaning in Phoenix call AZ Power Wash Pros – 602-475-8777