Sidewalk Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Sidewalks are the pedestrian highway.  Sidewalks parallel most major streets in Phoenix.  Sidewalks are the entryways to all business and sidewalks run along most residential neighborhoods.  Sidewalks all over Phoenix are cover with gum, bird droppings, food and drink spill, oil, grease, dirt and other miscellaneous stains.  All these sidewalk contaminants can make the walkway  unsightly and hazardous.  It is recommended to have your Phoenix property sidewalks cleaned on a routine maintenance plan to keep your walkways free of hazards. Food and drink spills on sidewalks can cause slip and fall accidents and attract unwanted pests. Bird droppings on sidewalks are full of disease and bacteria. Gum on sidewalks can cause slip and fall and are full of bacteria. Oil and grease on sidewalks are another slip and fall hazard and the list goes on and on. All of these sidewalk contaminants also have the potential to get stuck to the bottom of pedestrians shoes and be tracked into your property. There are over 4.3 million People in the Phoenix metro area. With that many people in Phoenix walking on sidewalks daily that creates a constant mess that needs cleaning.  Our pressure washing service in Phoenix cleans 100’s of thousands of square feet of sidewalks in the Phoenix metro area every month. Our sidewalk cleaning procedures safely remove contaminants with low and high pressure washing techniques and steam up to 250 degrees hot enough to sanitize surgical steel.  AZ Power Wash Pros specialize in cleaning sidewalk and concrete surfaces of all types.  For professional sidewalk cleaning don’t use a hose, just call the pro. AZ Power Wash Pros– 602-475-8777