Power Washing Schools in Phoenix, AZ

The 2013-2014 school year starts again on August 5th, and many schools in the Phoenix metro area have called AZ Power Wash Pros to clean up their campus before the new year begins! We are pressure washing 9 schools in the Phoenix metro area to remove the gum and stains from the sidewalks and entryways. Schools are less likely to build up gum on their concrete walkways and sidewalks if they are cleaned on a annual basis by AZ Power Wash Pros, Arizona’s premier pressure washing and property maintenance company. It is a proven fact that people spit their gum out on the concrete less in areas that have less gum build up initially. As gum begins to accumulate people think it is okay to spit their gum out in those areas. Regardless, if your location is pressure washed on an annual basis or if you are looking for a long over due, one time cleaning. AZ Power Wash Pros will have your campus concrete looking new again! Give us a call today for a free pressure washing and steam cleaning quote! 602-475-8777