Driveway Cleaning in Scottsdale AZ

Does your driveway have oil stains or orange rust stains from battery acid all over it? You need AZ Power Wash Pros for residential driveway cleaning services! We remove stains from driveways in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona every day. Driveways should be cleaned at least one time a year but we recommend cleaning driveways on a semi-annual basis. This will prevent your driveway from staining.  Our steam cleaning and power washing equipment uses 3500 PSI, 240 degree steam, and 30 inch surface cleaners to ensure you receive and even clean to all areas of your driveway. Say good bye to tire marks, dirt, debris, oils, rusts, and more! Call AZ Power Wash Pros today at 602-475-8777 for a free driveway power washing quote!

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