Why You Should Wash Your Home and How Often You Should Have It Washed

Why You Should Wash Your Home A home is typically a persons largest purchase and biggest investment. In Arizona there is a lot of dirt in the air, this dirt settles on the exterior of your home along with bird droppings and insect nests and webs and acid rain. These can cause potential damages to […]

Is Your Backyard Prepared for Summer?

What better way to celebrate summer in Phoenix, AZ than with a great outdoor gathering? Summer is the best time to enjoy the swimming pool and the company of friends and family. Get your backyard ready to host the best parties this summer with these easy preparation tips. Don’t send your guests running when they […]

You Washed the Car. What about the House?

We wash our cars because it keeps it looking nice and we know it protects the cars paint. Today people wash their car on a regular basis with the convenience of a drive thru car wash on every major street.  Most people do not think about the importance of washing their home though.  For the […]